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The rain was pouring down when I was on my way to the office this morning, & so were my tears… My heart is heavy thinking about what happened in South Sudan…

My dear South Sudanese brothers & sisters… Whether you are Dinka, Shiluk, Nuer, or other tribes, please remember that you were ONE when you struggled in gaining your independence. Don’t let your diversity divide & tear apart your country.


“I would also like to address a public message directly to the people of South Sudan: The United Nations stood with you on your road to independence. We will stay with you now. 

I know that the current situation is causing great and growing fear. You are seeing people leave the country amid increasing chaos. 

The United Nations will stay with you. We will do our utmost to protect you, to provide the humanitarian assistance you need, and most of all to help the country re-gain the path to peace.”  

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General. 23 December 2013

For more information on the current situation in South Sudan please follow UNMISS twitter @unmissjuba & UNMISS facebook page.

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Pray for Indonesia

The 7.7 scale Richer earthquake and tsunami struck Mentawai, West Sumatra caused 113 people died and hundreds are still missing…

Mt. Merapi erupted in Central Java has taken 28 lives so far and left thousands of internal displaced persons…

Big floods in Jakarta…

Those are the news about Indonesia that I heard for the last three days… Whatta heart breaking!

My prayers and thoughts are with both the victims and rescuers… Stay safe & God’s be with you!

Pray for Indonesia… From Sudan…

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Happy May Day!

Time flies… Since I came back from my home leave on January 19, it’s been 15 weeks for me to stay in Sudan. It’s time to take a break again but this time I’m going to go to the US.

Although this is not the first time for me to go to the US but somehow I’m always excited! 🙂

Boston Harbour

Capitol Building

This time I plan to travel to several states including New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, and Washington DC.

A three-day Carnival Imagination cruise to Half Moon Cay island of the Bahamas will be the highlight of my trip this time! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next entries…

Mother Liberty

Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland

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This morning I got an email from my nephew telling me that my cousin, Yen, passed away last night. I felt my heart beat stopped for a few seconds…

She was my dearest cousin and I just didn’t get a chance to see her again until the last day of her life.

She had fought against cancer for the last two years. Although she finally lost the battle but I really admired her courage!

Yen and I grew up together. She was one of my closest and best friends that I have ever had. I still remember when we were little she always asked me to stay with her everytime she was not feeling well.

She often sneaked out from her house to come to my place to play dolls with me and my aunt (her mum) would be very upset to us because Yen was supposed to be at home studying.

One day she was crying asking me to stay over at her house but I couldn’t because she would not want to study if I was at her house. We would play all day and never give ourselves a chance to open the book.

Yen had been a fighter since she was young. She went to Australia 14 years ago to pursue what she had been dreaming of… She finally got what she dreamed of… She settled in Australia with her husband and had a very good life there.

Six years later she and her husband moved out to England to start their own business and I should say their business was very successful. I was very happy to hear that they were finally granted British citizenship and this was an extraordinary achievement for Indonesian couple.

I was inspired by her courage and she was one of my motivators to be who I am now…

I would never forget her voice on the phone saying, “Da, I miss you…”

She kept inviting me to visit her and her husband in England but I was the one who always delayed my visit due to my works and studies.

I promised her that one summer I would come to Bournemouth, unfortunately that “one summer” will never come now… I never thought that she would go so fast…

I’m sorry Yen, I never keep my promise to you… I’m so sorry…

Now that you had gone but one thing for sure that you will never be forgotten… You will always be missed!

May you rest in peace Yen… Till we meet again…

R.I.P. Purnamawati Hoenedi (8 Sept 1976 ~ 30 March 2010)

Photo courtesy of Agustinus Cahyono.

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I just read the latest update on CNN concerning the tsunami warnings after the Chile earthquake,  they said:

“Tsunami warning cancelled for all countries, according to Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.”

I’m soooo happy and grateful to hear about this news… And please, keep it that way! 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday folks…

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The 8.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Chile and killed at least nearly 100 people, that’s what I read on CBS news today.

According to several news agencies, soon after that, tsunami warnings were announced to several countries across Pacific including Japan, Australia, Peru, Ecuador, and some states in the US from Alaska to California to Hawaii.

The recent news from Reuters was tsunami sirens will sound in Hawaii at 6 a.m. local time today and “all shores at risk no matter directions they face.”

My heart goes out to Chile…

And to those who live in tsunami warnings areas, please be careful and take care… Hope everything will be okay and nothing happens!

Please visit MSNBC World Blog for the earthquake Chile real time update.

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Good news folks…

I just bought my own domain today… YAY!!! I know I’d spend $15 every year to renew my domain but I’m happy to have my own identity now! 🙂

From now on, you can just type http://imeechan.com and voila… Welcome to The Window! 🙂

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!

Stay tuned for more entries…

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Happy Holidays

Holla folks, I just wanted to wish you a very happy holiday season!

2009 seems so fast… We’re going to close it in 17 days. It’s time for reflections on what we have done this year and resolutions for the coming year!

2009 was a tough year for me… I was happy, I was sad, I was hurt, I was struggling, I was successful, and the most precious lesson that I have learned is about forgiveness… It was not easy but I eventually made it!


The next entries may not be related to the mission life as I’ll be traveling to some countries in South East Asia visiting some friends as well as enjoying my New Year holidays.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you a merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it and a very happy new year to everybody!

Stay tuned for the next updates… Soon!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m still arranging my blog, hopefully I can post some stories and pictures soon.

Stay tuned…

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